Angelo State honors student earns Library of Congress junior fellows internship

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The internship will be conducted virtually due to COVID-19 concerns

SAN ANGELO, TX – Keely Shaw was one of 40 college students nationwide selected for the 2020 Library of Congress junior fellows summer internship program. Shaw, who’s a senior history major and honors student at Angelo State University, is looking forward to contributing as much as she can.

“There are 40 of us from across the U.S., and we’re all assigned different projects and mentors to work on and with during the summer,” Shaw said. “So I work with the learning and innovation office, and my work there is to help produce resources for K through 12 educators.”

Taking advantage of this opportunity in front of Shaw has been her top priority. 

“Because I’ve been considering the library and science and everything, there’s no better place to be,” Shaw said. “Then, with the Library of Congress where they have librarians of every specialty. So it’s been quite informative for me, and then also I’ve just gained a lot of office skills I didn’t think I would ever need.”

Although this internship has moved to a virtual platform instead of physically being in Washington D.C. due to COVID-19 concerns, Shaw still finds other ways to network.

“Despite all the networking we can do from our homes, it’s not quite the same as just being in the library,” Shaw said. “It’s a very different experience and it also changes our research capabilities, because a lot of resources at the library aren’t digitized and aren’t accessible.”

This internship may be highly competitive, but Shaw advises students to aim big.

“You can apply and I wouldn’t say let your background hold you back because plenty of people in that program are either on scholarships, or what have you,” Shaw said. “So it’s something that I think everyone should reach for and those opportunities do come around.”

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