Active shooter training at Angelo State University

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Breaking down the resources ASU students and faculty have in case of an active shooter scenario

SAN ANGELO, Texas – With all the shooting violence that’s been occurring across our nation, students and faculty at Angelo State University, (ASU) should feel safe knowing that there are many resources available in case of an active shooter scenario.

Step that can be taken beforehand, include active shooter training through video and live instruction. The video is 22 minutes long and it’s called, “Shots Fired on Campus” and it can be found on student’s portal. Another video called, “Run Hide Fight” is found on the ASU website.

Just last month, campus police gave live instruction to two departments that specifically asked for in-person active shooter training. Both video and in-person training, give knowledge on how to react incase of a threat on campus.

“It’s very beneficial because it allows people to stop for a second and think, ‘What would I do? If I found myself in the middle of an active shooter incident…’ For some people, the first time they think about it, is when they find themselves in the middle of something. I think the training that’s available that we provide, gives them some options and gives them some good information,” said Police Chief James Adams, with the Angelo State University Police Department.

Another great resource that is made available, in the moment, of a dangerous scenario is ASUAlert. That is a communication tool where students can contact the campus police department through text, email and even by phone.

All training is also geared for faculty and anyone who is a part of the campus community.

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