A Heart for Horses: San Angelo woman has rescued over 20 horses

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You could say Ashley Stahl has a heart for those who are hurting. A full-time child protective services worker…who also rescues horses on the side.

Her first rescue was about two years ago. Then she saw Star at the San Angelo animal shelter.

“He’s really what kicked it off for me. It’s mind-blowing that there people out there that are…it doesn’t happen overnight when a horse is in the condition that he was in. They were watching him for months, it could have even been a year for all I know, just sit there and deteriorate,” Stahl said.

Before and after photo of Star

Now, there are over 20 horses on Stahl’s land. Many of them in their last stage of life or who have been severely mistreated.

“For Star, he was so emaciated and malnourished that it took about a year for him to recover. You have to be careful how you feed them, you have to be careful with everything that you do with them because they’re so fragile. Feeding twice a day, supplements, hay. It’s a lot of work,” Stahl said.

That’s Ashley’s message. If you’re thinking about getting any animal…think long term. Horses can live up to, and even sometimes more than, 30 years. Ashley says be prepared to take care of your animals for that long: vet trips, feed, medications, supplements, ferries, it all adds up so be prepared to foot the bill. Something she’s currently doing all by herself.

Ashley hopes to make her rescue a nonprofit organization where volunteers can come out and work with the horses and learn more about them but until then, there is a way you can help right now.

“Donations. Since we are doing this by ourselves, donations definitely help. We have an account set up at Palmer’s if they want to donate directly. Feed, hay, they can go by Palmer’s make donations there, say who it’s for,” Stahl said.

But despite all the long days fixing fences, clearing the land, and providing round the clock care, she says, it’s all worth it when she looks at how many horses she’s helped.

“They know. They know when they’ve made it home and when they’re happy,” Stahl said.

If you would like to donate money, feed, or hay, you can also contact Ashley at 325-716-9121.

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