LIFESTYLE – As more people hit the open road or take to the air to go on vacation this summer, we wanted to share some travel-friendly items that just make sense.

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Makeup Junkie Bags

Meredith Jurica, or MJ, from Conroe, Texas was tired of her makeup spilling out of her makeup bag. She had an idea for makeup bags that lays flat on whatever counter or surface it’s on. This concept had not been pursued by anyone else so, she took the plunge.

“I went to Hobby Lobby and got the material and made it in my kitchen,” Jurica said.

She took her newly crafted custom bag on a girls trip and said that all her friends loved it, especially since the inside was made from material that was spill proof and could be wiped out easily. Jurica then made some bags for all of her friends. Fast forward to a few months later and her product, Makeup Junkie Bags, soon became a local hit. Then a about nine months into her leap of faith, she eventually she gained an even larger customer base after landing on the series “Shark Tank” in 2019.

Her advice for other entrepreneurs is to “follow your gut.” She said she had many opportunities to take the production side of her business overseas which meant laying off all her employees. However, in true Texas fashion, she stuck to her guns and decided to keep it all in Conroe which she says was a rewarding decision in many ways.


Starlette Galleria was created by Olivia Starling, a stay-at-home mom of three, who wanted to offer her customers stylish jewelry options that are more affordable. She wanted to take away the anxiety of losing or damaging that precious piece, especially when traveling or participating in outdoor activities. These items won’t tarnish and her products align with her family-centered business model mindset.

“The products you buy are most likely supplied by one of the several small family-owned wholesalers that we buy from. The images and logo designs you see on our website were created by photographers and designers, all self-employed small business owners. The impact of your dollar has been felt far and wide by so many,” Starling said in a statement.

Here are Olivia Starling’s top 3 summer accessory must-haves:

#1:Rings – Traveling, the pool, going to the beach, sunscreen, and UV rays… All of these things will take a toll on your rings. Don’t act careless with some of your most prized possessions. Snag a stackable band from Starlette Galleria or simulated diamond ring. They are made of sterling silver and plated in real rhodium or gold, so you never have to worry about your finger turning green or skin sensitivity.  

#2: Necklaces – Catering to the woman on the go, Starlette Galleria will supply you with necklaces you don’t have to take off. Wear them to the pool, the gym, and everywhere you go this summer. Made of real sterling silver and plated in hypoallergenic rhodium or gold, these necklaces will not tarnish or turn your skin green. 

#3: Travel Jewelry– You don’t have to travel far to swap out your wedding ring. Any outing where you’re apt to remove your jewelry temporarily, take the travel ring with you instead. Make sure your jewelry is protected all summer long by leaving it at home and wearing a high-quality Starlette Galleria

Courtesy of Starlette Galleria

Pet Products

Of course we couldn’t forget about our furry friends. According to, more than 13,000 AAA Diamond properties from coast to coast are pet friendly.

If you are taking a road trip with your pet, here are several harness and car seat safety options from Chewy.

However, before you take that trip, here are some tips from AAA to help you prepare.

  • Update your pet’s vaccinations, check their general physical condition and obtain a health certificate showing proof of up-to-date inoculations. Such documentation may be necessary if you cross state or country lines.
  • If your pet is taking prescribed medicine, pack a sufficient supply plus a few days’ extra. Also take the prescription in case you need a refill. 
  • Be prepared for emergencies by getting the names and numbers of clinics or doctors at your destination from your veterinarian or the American Animal Hospital Association.
  • Acclimate your pet to car travel. Even if you’re flying, your pet will have to ride in the car to get to the airport or terminal, and you don’t want any unpleasant surprises before departure.
  • Pack as carefully for your pet as you do for yourself. Make sure they have a collar with a license tag and ID tag(s) listing their name and yours, along with your address and phone number. An additional identification method is to implant a microchip under their skin.
  • Choosing the right carrier or crate is essential to ensuring your pet’s safety when traveling.

Driving with Your Pet

  • AAA Texas recommends that you restrain your pet in the back seat of the vehicle to avoid distractions as well as to protect the animal and other passengers in the event of a collision. The front airbag can be deadly to a pet during a crash, even if the pet is restrained. Options for restraints include harnesses and crates that can be strapped down.
  • To help prevent car sickness, feed your pet a light meal 4 to 6 hours before departing on your trip. Do not give an animal food or water in a moving vehicle.
  • Never allow your pet to travel in the bed of a pickup truck. It’s illegal in some states; they also can jump out or be thrown, endangering themselves and others on the road.
  • Don’t let your dog stick their head out the window during your trip, no matter how enjoyable it seems. Road debris and other flying objects can injure delicate eyes and ears, and the animal is at greater risk for severe injury if the vehicle should stop suddenly or be struck. If it is hot outside, run the air conditioner instead of opening the windows, and be sure that the air flow is reaching your pet.
  • AAA Texas recommends that drivers stop every 2 hours during a trip to stretch their legs and take a quick break from driving. Your pet will appreciate the same break. Plan to visit a rest stop every 4 hours or so to let him have a drink and a chance to answer the call of nature. (Cat owners should bring along a litter box; dog owners should clean up afterward.)
  • Be sure your pet is leashed before opening the car door. This is not merely a courtesy to fellow travelers; it will prevent them from unexpectedly breaking free and running away. Keep in mind that even the most obedient pet may become disoriented during vacation or in strange places.
  • NEVER leave an animal in a parked car if you stop along your trip, even if the windows are partially open. Even on pleasant days the temperature inside a car can soar to well over 100 degrees in less than 10 minutes, placing your pet at risk for heatstroke and possibly death. On very cold days, hypothermia is a risk. Also, animals left unattended in parked cars can be stolen.
  • Always be prepared for a roadside emergency. Make sure there’s enough water for you, all human passengers and your pets.

For more tips on traveling with a pet by car or air, visit There you can also find dog parks and pet friendly national public lands, or search the attraction and restaurant listing for places to play and eat.