SAN ANGELO, Texas – The Concho Valley community donated seven large boxes worth of toys for our annual KLST Local Kids First Toy Drive this holiday season.

“A lot of these kids unfortunately don’t get to have Christmas or don’t get to have a birthday, things that we take for granted,” said Carol Salazar, the director of the Family Shelter.

Dozens of children will get new toys for Christmas, thanks to our sponsors, donors and you. We stopped by the West Texas Boys Ranch, the Department of Family and Protective Services and the Family Shelter to see how these toys will benefit those in need.

“It brightens their day and makes them feel so important, it really does. I’m so excited that they are getting bikes and scooters and dolls and you know, big trucks and we love it,” said Salazar.

These entities work hard to give back but without the help of our community, sometimes that can be hard.

“The Hope Tree initiative is started around Christmas time and it would not be possible without toy drives, like the one from KLST and within our community. It goes a long way to help families in the Concho Valley,” said RyAnne Duryea, Coordinator at the Department of Family and Protective Services.

Administrators with the West Texas Boys Ranch tell us that the children will actually receive their gifts sooner than later.

“Tonight is the Christmas party for our boys. Were going to do dinner, chapel and the boys are going to open their presents,” said Nikki Brown, a coordinator for the West Texas Boys Ranch.

Family protective services and the family shelter will distribute the toys to their children on Christmas morning.