(ABC4) – As Americans demand better benefits and work-life balance, employers are realizing that offering employees permanently-remote opportunities will help fill those job openings that are in desperate need of filling.

A new report from Ziply Fiber says that companies that do not offer remote work in 2022 will see a 30% rise in quit rates. Due to this future forecasted trend, Ziply Fiber analyzed data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics amongst other resources to determine the best jobs and places for remote work in 2022.

Here are the best jobs for remote work that require a degree

  1. Software Developer (Average salary of $114,704)
  2. Registered Nurse (Average Salary of $79,553)
  3. Psychiatrist (Average Salary of $255,644)
  4. Digital Marketing Specialist (Average Salary of $60,928)
  5. Computer Systems Analyst (Average Salary of $70,214)
  6. Data Scientist (Average Salary of $114,060)
  7. Speech Pathologist (Average Salary of $92,073)
  8. Information Security Analyst (Average Salary of $82,165)
  9. Statiscian (Average Salary of $98,205)
  10. Operations Research Analyst (Average Salary of $84,810)
  11. Occupational Therapist (Average Salary of $82,165
  12. Web Developer (Average Salary of $68,610)
  13. Genetic Counselor (Average Salary of $81,880)
  14. Medical Writer (Average Salary of $71,703)

If you don’t have a college degree, no worries! This new report has also ranked the best remote jobs that require no degree.

Here are the best jobs for remote work that don’t require a degree

  1. Customer Service Representative (Avereage Salary of $361,700)
  2. Virtual Adminstrative Assisstant (Average Salary of $59,781)
  3. Tutor (Average Salary of $54,174)
  4. Graphic Design (Average Salary of $50,618)
  5. Translator (Average Salary of $45,466)
  6. English Language Teacher (Average Salary of $25,487
  7. Freelance Writer (Average Salary of $54,869)
  8. Social Media Consultant (Average Salary of $43,096)

With most of these jobs pretty much only requiring access to a computer, the idea of working from home — which seemed like such a foreign idea prior to the pandemic, is now a determinant of why a person might pursue one job over the next.

For those who are looking for a career change or just don’t want to return back to the office, there will be plenty of opportunities in 2022.