WACO, Texas (FOX 44) – The Family Abuse Center is working on eliminating domestic violence abuse. To make that happen the center is partnering with Waco Police Department.

“We want to be able to take all the family violence calls off of victim services so that they can focus on other calls or other crimes that they’re out on,” says Whitney Thomas, with the Family Abuse Center in Waco.

The Family Abuse Center is needing to hire a bilingual legal advocate who will assist with the domestic violence calls the Waco Police Department receives.

The Bilingual advocate will provide direct services to victims of family violence including, but not limited to: court accompaniment, assistance with filing for protective orders and crime victims compensation, crisis intervention, safety planning, emergency legal advocacy, basic case management, and information and referrals regarding other legal resources.

“We have a legal advocacy program that is not legal representation in the courtroom or an attorney by any means, but connecting with different resources,” says Thomas.

Whitney Thomas with the center hopes by having a bilingual legal advocate assisting officers, it will allow survivors of domestic abuse be aware of the services and programs available to them.

“Connecting with different resources in order to streamline some of the services that their victim services provide and the services that we’re able to provide and hoping to alleviate some of those responsibilities on each of our clients and help each other,” says Thomas.

Thomas says English and Spanish is the most common language people in the center speak. She says sometimes they are not comfortable with speaking with an interpreter about the violence and fear there is a miscommunication.

“The advantage to understand the system in their own language and not have to go through a translator and not have to be confused about what one word may mean in English versus Spanish,” says Thomas.

The regular workday for this position will be within Family Abuse Center business hours, M-F, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., except for special client activities and certain outreach activities including but not limited to National Night Out events. Work hours cannot exceed 40 hours per week without pre-approved overtime.  

To learn more about the job qualifications, you can click here.

You can email resumes and cover letters to the Director of Legal Services at Scott.Heaton@familyabusecenter.org.