Halloween is right around the corner, and the Texas Department of Public Safety and the Texas Department of Transportation encourage everyone to be extra cautious this weekend.

They say for everyone out on the road to be aware of trick-or-treaters throughout the weekend, to slow down, and to scan the road for kids crossing the street.

“Scan to make sure at intersections, and even between houses, that there’s no kids that are running across,” says Sgt. Johnny Bures.

Sgt. Bures says pedestrians need to use sidewalks, crosswalks and the “buddy system.”

“I like to try and tell kiddos to to make eye contact with the people that are driving, as they’re stopped in the intersection to make sure that those drivers are seeing them,” Sgt. Bures said.

He encourages parents to make sure their children can be seen by wearing glow sticks, or by putting reflective tape or stickers somewhere on their costume or trick-or-treat bag.

For those having parties, Sgt. Bures encourages hosts to have non-alcoholic options and food available.

“Take care of those folks who are coming to visit you too, and be responsible for them,” Sgt. Bures said.

No matter what – do not drink and drive.

“Don’t take that chance, especially on on Halloween night, where we got kiddos walking around everywhere,” Sgt. Bures said.