SAN ANGELO, Texas — The holiday season is upon us and Christmas decorating has officially begun. For many families, picking out the perfect Christmas tree is an annual tradition and for those who want a live tree this year, here is where to buy one and how to care for it all month long.

Where to buy live Christmas trees:

  • Olive Nursery
    • 3402 Sherwood Way
  • The Home Depot
    • 4363 W Houston Harte Expy
  • Lowe’s Home Improvement
    • 5301 Sherwood Way
  • Tractor Supply Co.
    • 3150 N Bryant Blvd
  • Scherz Landscape Co
    • 2225 Knickerbocker R

The Texas Farm Bureau has these tips for how to care for your fresh-cut Christmas tree:

  • Trim your trunk
    • After cutting down or buying your fresh tree add a fresh cut across the bottom of the trunk. The first cut will cause sap to rush down and seal the cut which prevents the tree from absorbing water, adding the fresh cut right before placing the truck in water will help the tree take in the water and stay fresh through December.
  • Double-check your tree stand is big enough for the tree and the water it will need.
  • Water, water, water
    • Fresh-cut trees need to always be kept in water and healthy trees may need to be watered twice a day or more. A longtime Christmas tree farmer, Damian Prause, also suggests not adding sugar, sprite, or any other additives to the water.
  • Choose an appropriate location
    • Do not place your tree in an area where it will get full sun – this will cause it to dry out faster. Additionally, be cautious of heat sources such as heaters or fireplaces.
  • Check your lights
    • Before placing lights on your fresh tree make sure there aren’t any exposed wires or missing bulbs. Smaller lights also produce less heat, which is beneficial with freshly cut trees. Turn off these lights when not present in the home as real trees can catch fire.