Honoring Hispanic leaders at SAISD: Zachary Ramirez, Principal at Lake View High School

Hispanic Heritage Month

For Hispanic Heritage, SAISD is honoring Hispanic leaders within the school district. Below, Zachary Ramirez shares his story.

“Born and raised in San Angelo, Texas. I attended Travis Elementary which sadly, it has closed down, Glenn Middle School and I am a Central High School Graduate. Then I ended up getting my Bachelor’s at Angelo State University and then my Master’s Degree as well.

Originally the plan was that I wanted to coach and teaching came with that. So that was the original plan but the first job that I landed was Special Ed teaching and I kinda never looked backwards and just kept going with that for a while, 6, 7 years, where I taught at Lincoln Middle School then looked around said, ‘you know I want to try to make a bigger impact’ and decided let’s try this Master’s thing. Not really great at writing papers so I had a lot of help getting through it but I was able to be successful, big shout out to my aunt. Then went to CFC as an Assistant Principal for 3 years and was the Goliad principal for 5 and currently here.

Management is kind of the idea of just making sure the daily operations move forward and are handled every single day whereas leadership is more inspiring, and it’s inspiring, and if you want to go into the principal  leadership, it’s from students to teachers all the way up to other administrators working with you. It’s always looking for the best in people and trying to pull that out of them on a daily basis.

We all have history and you really need to know it slightly to know what you came from to knowing where you want to be, and I think grasping the small things because they matter overall.

Living life, you don’t always know what you’re doing, that’s a reality, sometimes you’re just making a mess and what comes of it is maybe something you didn’t know existed. So really getting into life and trying things  because you may not even know that existed until you tried something else so really going after anything and trying to achieve and make the best of what God put you on this earth to do and you may not know what that is but keep on trying and trying your best.”

Ramirez also credits his family for helping him succeed. He share more about his upbringing and what motivated him as well as sharing advice for others in the video below.

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