Honoring Hispanic leaders at SAISD: Rene Gonzalez, music teacher at Fort Concho Elementary

Hispanic Heritage Month

For Hispanic Heritage, SAISD is honoring Hispanic leaders within the school district. Below, Rene Gonzalez shares his story.

“I’m Rene Gonzalez, born and raised here in San Angelo, Texas, attended school at SAISD. Went to both Lake View and Central, graduated from Lake View in 1991. Went to Austin with a band and we played up and down 6th Street and returned to San Angelo in ’95 where I met my lovely wife, Isabel Gonzalez who told me I was going to go to college and be a teacher. And we have a beautiful daughter, Laura Gonzalez, and both them and the Lord are a driving force in my life.

Being a leader to me, means modeling for the kids how you should treat others on a daily basis and letting them know that even though there will be pitfalls that you can work through them and that every day is a new day.

People here have a legacy really of being kind and being fair and being just and being accepting. That’s what we try to be here at Fort Concho. We have had a great history of producing wonderful students, wonderful citizens, wonderful human beings who have come back and served in our community. We take pride in that.

Modeling is very important in teaching across the board on any level. Students are always learning and they’re always taking in what they see, and they compare themselves to you. Being a Hispanic role model here in San Angelo, I take that very seriously. I’m not perfect by any means but as a teacher they see us on a daily basis because basically we all live together here, and we try to make it the best possible environment for learning and growing and respecting each other. So keeping that up daily is very important and here at Fort Concho we try to be the best and we hope that the children can take what we’re showing them and emulate that for the rest of their lives as well as have the passion to do the same for their children and the rest of their community.”

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