SAN ANGELO, Texas (Concho Valley Homepage) — As we continue the month-long celebration of Hispanic Heritage, we spoke to the president of San Angelo’s Hispanic Heritage Museum and Cultural Center, Del Velasquez. With the creation of this museum, Velasquez says he hopes the museum acts as an educational outlet to learn about this culture.

“The idea of creating this museum is exactly that to educate and help and bring knowledge to the community about the Hispanic culture,” Velasquez said.

While the museum is still in the works of being built, some of the ideas and plans that Velasquez has for the museum are already in motion. For example, the Dia De Los Muertos celebration. Earlier last month, artists were called to come create works of art that will honor their loved ones on this day. Velasquez says these activities are a huge part of the celebration, and the participation in the Concho Valley continues to rise.

“Every year it continues to grow … and the events and the activities and the crafts the art are all part of that celebration to memorialize those who have gone before us … so that’s a very traditional aspect of the Hispanic culture or the Mexican culture,” Velasquez said.

As far as the future goes, Velasquez already has plans. He says that Hispanic culture — and especially its cuisine — is influential to everyone everywhere. He hopes to be able to offer different learning opportunities that cover a variety of topics such as food.

Above everything, Velasquez wants to create a space that welcomes everyone interested in learning about Hispanic culture while also showing the Hispanic community here in the Concho Valley that they are being represented.

“We believe that this will be a source of pride to Hispanics in our community. We believe that it will be a gathering place, not just for Hispanics, but for the whole community,” Velasquez said.

You can find the museum and follow their journey on Facebook at San Angelo Hispanic Heritage Museum and Cultural Center.