SAN ANGELO, Texas (Concho Valley Homepage) — Over in downtown San Angelo is Leos Imports. This family business has been around for decades but has only been in San Angelo for seven years. Joanna Leos-Ornales, the chief operations officer for Leos Imports, says her grandmother was the one to start this business.

“My grandma started this business in 1999, and she started selling on street corners, selling here and there, nothing too big,” Leos-Ornales said. “In 2003 my dad took over, and that’s when we took it online as well, and specifically here in this location in San Angelo, we’ve been here going on seven years.”

This family business has all of the items you’ll need to have a proper fiesta for Hispanic Heritage Month. Leos-Ornales says all of their items are imported from Mexico or South American regions.

“Anything you can imagine that comes from Mexico or the South American region — blankets, we have the Mexican vanilla, party décor, you name it, we can get it, we have it,” Leos-Ornales said.

She says that Hispanic Heritage Month is the busiest time for the store. The family enjoys celebrating with everyone year-round, no matter the culture.

“I think this is a unique place for someone to come,” Leos-Ornales said. “Whether they’re Hispanic or not, I feel like everyone comes in and enjoys all the fun colors and just getting to experience a different culture that they might not be used to or have grown up around.”

Leos-Ornales said every item is handcrafted and is a unique work of art.

“Everything here is handmade, so there are women who are working on the pieces, and you can see the different artworks throughout each item … not every blouse or dress is going to be exactly the same just because it’s a work of art and each piece is very unique to us,” Leos-Ornales said.