SAN ANGELO, Texas- September is Hunger Action Month and in the Concho Valley, one in eight residents and one in four children are at risk for food insecurity.

In Texas, more than 4 million people struggle with food insecurity, meaning they don’t know where their next meal is coming from, and one in four Texas school children struggle with hunger.

“We’ve all been hungry, you’ve probably been hungry, I’ve been hungry but the difference in just being hungry between meals and being food insecure is you may not have enough food in your refrigerator or your pantry to make a meal for you or your family. You may have to choose between paying a bill or being able to go to the grocery store and that’s what we want to try to eradicate,” Susan Gober, Director of Development at the Concho Valley Regional Food Bank, said.

From soup kitchens to food pantries, the Concho Valley Regional Food Bank distributes food to 80 different agencies across 13 Concho Valley counties. They have multiple initiatives but are currently working on holiday food boxes for Thanksgiving.

The Concho Valley Food Bank has provided over 400,000 meals, 32,000 backpack sacks for children, and 376,000 pounds of produce distributed to families in need.