SAN ANGELO, Texas — San Angelo’s Lake Nasworthy will be hosting Wake the Desert which is one of the longest-running wake events in Texas with competitors coming from around the globe.

The Texas Wake and Surf Series is a professional and amateur wakeboarding and wake surfing competition that consists of three events: Wake the Canyon, Wake the Desert, and Wake the Capitol. The main goal of the competitors of all levels is to perform as many tricks as possible in the 60-second timeframe.

The events will take place all day on July 15-17 on Lake Nasworthy, (Middle Concho Dr).

Order of events


Surk and Skim

  • Jr Novice Finals (ages 0-9)
  • Jr Novice (ages 10-14)
  • Beginner (men and women) / Skim and Surf Finals
  • Masters (men) Ages 40+ Finals
  • Masters (women) Ages 40+ Finals
  • Intermediate (women) Skim Final
  • Intermediate (women) Surf Finals
  • Intermediate (men) Skim Finals
  • Intermediate (men) Surf Finals


  • Jr novice girls (under 14) no spin/inverts Semi-Finals
  • Jr girls (under 14) Semi-Finals
  • Jr novice boys (under 14) no spin/inverts Semi-Finals
  • Jr boys (under 14) Semi-Finals
  • Beginner men no invert Semi-Final
  • Beginner women no invert Semi-Final
  • Intermediate women (1-3 inverts) Semi-Finals
  • Intermediate men 91-4) inverts) Semi-Finals


Surf and Skim

  • Advanced women Skim Finals
  • Advanced women surf Finals
  • Advanced men Skim Finals
  • Advanced men Surf Finals
  • Longboards Finals
  • Outlaw women skim Semi-Finals
  • Outlaw women Surf Semi-Finals
  • Outlaw men Skims Semi-Finals
  • Outlaw men Surf Semi-Finals


  • Jr novice girls (under 14) no spin/inverts Finals
  • Jr girls (under 14) Finals
  • Jr novice boys (under 14) no spin/inverts Finals
  • Jr boys (under 14) Finals
  • Beginner men no invert Final
  • Beginner women no invert Final
  • Intermediate women (1-3 inverts) Finals
  • Intermediate men (1-4) inverts) Finals
  • Advanced women(4-6 inverts) Semi-FInals
  • Advanced men (4-6 inverts) Semi-Finals
  • Expert Women (8-10 inverts) Semi-Finals
  • Expert men (8-10 inverts) Semi-Final
  • Outlaw women (12+ inverts) Semi-Finals
  • Outlaw men (12+ inverts) Semi-Finals


Surf and Skim

  • Outlaw women Skim FInal
  • Outlaw women Surf Final
  • Outlaw men Skim Final
  • Outlaw men Surf Final


  • Wake Skate Final
  • Advanced women(4-6 inverts) Finals
  • Advanced men (4-6 inverts) Finals
  • Expert Women (8-10 inverts) Finals
  • Expert men (8-10 inverts) Final
  • Outlaw women (12+ inverts) Finals
  • Outlaw men (12+ inverts) Finals

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