SAN ANGELO, Texas — The 3rd annual, San Angelo REVOLUTION Film Festival is scheduled for September 30 – October 1, 2022, and is currently in need of sponsors and volunteers. The festival will be located at the books & Bates Theatre in the San Angelo Performing Arts Center and the Elta Joyce Murphy Performance Hall.

The San Angelo Destination Marketing Organization (DMO) is partnering with James Christopher, Director of the Austin Revolution Film Festival, to bring independent films to San Angelo. Diann Bayes, Vice President for the San Angelo DMO said “In 2018, we received our Texas Film Friendly Designation and are excited to highlight independent films, filmmakers, and film actors in our city.”

During the festival, independent films will be showcased for two days, and audiences can participate in a
Q&A with the director/production teams of the films. “What we will bring to San Angelo is a slate of
films made very much in the spirit of Texas: films made with grit, sweat, and determination made in the
face of an industry that doesn’t want outsiders making movies. It’s a true celebration of independent
cinema and we’re excited to bring those films to beautiful San Angelo and help grow that indie film
community there,” stated Christopher.

This year the festival will be screening a cult classic: Urban Cowboy. It will be played during Friday’s prime time. Special guests include; Jessie Mapes and Gator Conley, two of the stars from the movie who will be in attendance for a meet and greet selfies, and Q&A.

The San Angelo Revolution Film Festival planners are seeking sponsorships and volunteers for the fall
event. Tickets for the event can be found here.

If you are interested in more information, contact Diann Bayes or Suzanna Valenzuela at the
Destination Marketing Organization, 325-655- 4136.

Follow the festival on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, or visit the website, for additional information and updates.