Robert Downey Jr. aims to be a real life super hero by helping to clean up the earth


LAS VEGAS (AP) — A hero on the silver screen wants to become a hero to the Earth. Robert Downey Jr., after playing Iron Man for more than a decade, wants to fight the evil of pollution starting next year. 

The movie star says next year he plans to start an organization called the “Footprint Coalition.” No details of the initiative were given, but he has spoken to experts who said robotics and other technology could help clean up the planet significantly over the next decade.

Downey made the announcement late Tuesday at the start of Amazon’s re:Mars conference in Las Vegas, where the online retailer and other companies are showing off how they use artificial intelligence and other technology.

Images of plastic bottles and other litter flashed on the screens behind Downey as he talked on stage Tuesday night. The actor, who has played Iron Man in several superhero movies, admitted that he has not been kind to the environment in the past. “I am a one-man carbon footprint nightmare colossus,” he said. “I want to change.”

Downey plans to officially launch the Footprint Coalition in April 2020. He vows to spend the next 11 years working on making some kind of difference in what he called “a massive threat to our future and the mess we leave behind.”

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