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Destination Texas: Railway Museum in San Angelo

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Nestled in downtown San Angelo is the historic Santa Fe Train Depot. This once forgotten treasure has been polished up and is now a place where history comes alive.

Dr. Linda Bond is a volunteer at the Railway Museum and you’ll often see her in full period correct regalia teaching visitors about local history.  

“It was very important in 1888 that San Angelo got a train. This station was built in 1910 and you can se many original pieces of that railroad,” Dr. Bond said.

There are thousands of artifacts and items on display at the museum. Including the original scale used to weigh goods brought in and shipped out on the trains passing through.

Upstairs offers a whole new level of excitement for train enthusiasts. Model train sets take up entire rooms and feature many tiny details to take in.

Visitors are also provided with an activity book and children can take part in a scavenger hunt finding all sorts of clues throughout the museum.

*Photos by Senora Scott.

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