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Destination Texas: Christoval

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CHRISTOVAL, Texas – “Christoval is a little jewel in the middle of West Texas,” owner of Christoval Vineyards Wendi Neff said.

“It’s really pretty out in Christoval, the big trees, the river,” owner of Concho Coffee House Kelly Stultz said.

Christoval may be off the beaten path and some may end up there by mistake, but once they arrive, they’re quickly drawn in by the scenery.

“You end up in Christoval and you think you’re already in the hill county. It’s just a beautiful place,” Stultz said.

The small community is centered on just that. It’s a front porch sitting, wave to your neighbors, slow down, say hi, and brush up on local history type of place. Along the main street, where traffic is sparse, you’ll find Concho Coffee House.

It’s got an extensive menu with all kinds of treats and drinks. Plus, you can pick up some gifts including local honey, stickers, t shirts, and home décor.

If you need something a little bit…stronger, check out the Christoval Vineyards. It’s got nine acres of planted grapes, a tasting room, patio, pizza, and oh yeah, lots and lots and lots of award-winning wine made in house.

“It’s a long process to get a 5-gallon bucket of grapes into a bottle of wine,” Neff said.

This sprawling 26-acre venue is a coveted spot for weddings. You may even get to wish a couple well on your visit.

If you’d like to get in the action and help harvest grapes, you can do that too. Harvesting begins at the end of July and goes through August. Volunteers can help pick grapes and learn more about the wine making process.

Whether you’re exploring the outdoors or just want to hang out with your favorite drink, there’s a spot for you in this little gem of a town.

*All photos taken by Senora Scott.

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