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Destination Texas: Ballinger

Destination Texas

Ballinger. This small but scenic city has a lot to see, do, and explore.

There are dozens of boutiques and businesses along the main street and the surrounding area. This is the type of town that full of mom and pop shops, restaurants, and bakeries, like The Chocolate Chip Cottage. Visit Mary’s kitchen and you’ll find fresh coffee, homemade chocolate that take at least 24 hours to make, and cookies and pastries galore. This artisan who used to live in Austin brought big city sweetness to Ballinger.

Back in downtown, you’ll find some more sweet deals from home décor to outfits that are sure to turn some heads.

While you’re window shopping, you’ll also see a lot of Runnels County history throughout the city. A veteran’s memorial, statues, the train depot, and another monument that’s pretty hard to miss.

The Cross Over Ballinger is one of the hot spots for visitors and locals alike.

It’s a gathering place for many events and is always open and always free for anyone who is curious about this spiritual sculpture.

When you get here, you can just walk right up. At the base, there are pictures that tell a story and even a place to sing in or leave a message. If you’re worried about finding it, don’t be because, it’s tall, really tall.

The Cross is 99 feet and was built by a local family in 1993.

Recently, walking trails and monuments have been added to the land. There are places to spend some time reflecting and honoring loved ones.

All in all, this West Central Texas town is full of surprises and is sure to keep your curiosity peaked and adventurous side alert.

*All photos taken by Senora Scott.

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