Father’s Day sweepstakes winner crowned


SAN ANGELO, Texas — Another winner of the Concho Valley Homepage Father’s Day giveaway has been crowned: James Massey, who was submitted by one of his sons.

“I was sitting there thinking, ‘well maybe I should enter it myself,’ because all of my kids are going to know what to do,” contest winner James Massey said. “But, here I am, and I did not enter. They did, so…..”

Though the day of, James’ son, Jonathan Massey, says he was a little hazy on the details — he’s glad his father won.

“I wake up this morning — and all I hear is my mom banging at the door ‘Your dad won!’ Won what — oh? God,” Johnathan Massey said. “So yeah, it was a little weird, the fact he actually did win. I’m super stoked for him.”

And from the winner of this year’s giveaway, a heartfelt message to all hard-working parents who need to hear it:

“To all the single moms, experiencing Father’s Day,” James Massey said. “Happy Father’s Day/Mother’s Day to them, and for all the single father’s out there pulling double duty, especially to them as well — because they only get one day a year, but no one to share it with. So, Happy Father’s Day to everyone who needs it.”

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