CVHP News: April 9, 2020. Reminder of upcoming closures, new contest open to military children, how the Tom Green County Library is helping medical personnel


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As of April 8, 2020. There are 25 positive cases of the corona virus. No new cases were reported yesterday by the City of San Angelo.

There are some closures coming up for Easter weekend. All public parks, public trails, and public lake access points will be closed. Remember, the city currently has Stay At Home, Stay Safe restrictions. This means only leave your home for necessary trips to the grocery store and other essential businesses. There shouldn’t be any gatherings with anyone from outside your household.

Courtesy: City of San Angelo

This closure list does not apply to Twin Buttes Reservoir. Any questions need to be directed to Texas Parks & Wildlife at (512) 389-4595 or

This is how the Tom Green County library is making the most of their makers space during this epidemic.

April is the Month of the Military Child. One group is highlighting all the wonderful things military children are doing across the state. And now, they’ve opened the contest to our area as well.

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Current status of COVID-19 testing in San Angelo