Texas man who refused to get lawyer sentenced to life in just 10 minutes

Texas man who refused to get lawyer sentenced to life in just 10 minutes

HOUSTON, TX — A Texas man accused of killing his wife and stuffing her in a refrigerator was sentenced to life Thursday.

Patrick Lambert decided to mount his own defense, but that legal strategy did not appear to help his case.

When Lambert walked out of court destined to spend the rest of his life behind bars, the family of Ana Lambert could finally breathe.

“I’m so happy to see this. This is the best news ever. I’m happy but I will be more happy when the baby is with us,” says Anita Oaikhena Jeorge, Ana’s sister.

Ana Lambert’s son was just 11 months old when her then husband Patrick stabbed her almost 20 times and stuffed her body into a refrigerator.

That was five years ago.

This week, the murder case finally went to trial. In a bizarre twist, Lambert decided to represent himself.

“We don’t want to look like we are beating up on a person, so that’s why we have attorneys,” Prosecutor Nathan Moss says. “So we have to be very careful in how we proceed as to not look like we’re not overbearing on them.”

The trial moved quickly, with the jury convicting Lambert after just four hours of deliberations.

During the sentencing phase he did not try to plead for his own freedom.

“Maybe one day I can be a good father to our awesome, intelligent and beautiful son. Thank you for taking time out of your life,” Patrick said.

Ana’s best friend Shontai Blye, who met her when both women were in a domestic violence shelter, came to court to make sure justice was served and that Lambert would never be around any woman or child again.

“A human being doesn’t put someone in a refrigerator and leave them there to rot,” she said. “That’s not what a normal person does. He shouldn’t be out here with everyone else in normal society ever again.”

Lambert’s son, who is now almost 6 years old, is living with his paternal grandparents.

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