SAN ANGELO, Texas(ConchoValleyHomepage) — During day eight of The State of Texas vs. Cristin Bradley trial, the state and defense rested after the cross-examination of Sgt. Cannady continued from the previous day.

The defense began the trial by asking further questions regarding the search warrant and reports made off of Cristine Bradley’s phone. Defense Attorney Thomas Jackson felt that Sgt. Cannady was not the most qualified person to be presenting witness testimony regarding the phone records extracted from the phone. The defense also claimed that the San Angelo Police Department made a mistake by leaving Destiny Harbour’s cell phone behind on the scene.

Further discussion of search records continued, with Jackson pointing out that there was no definitive way to say who made the search queries since three user profiles were connected to the phone. Those user profiles include Bradley, Harbour and Dustin Smock.

At the recommendation of Jackson, Bradley did not take the stand. Both the Defense and the State have rested as well as the evidence.

The court is finalizing the charge (the document that is read to the jury before they go back to deliberate) to be presented to the jury on the morning of Thursday, August 3, along with closing arguments from the state and defense.

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