SAN ANGELO, Texas(ConchoValleyHomepage) — According to the San Angelo Police Department, a scam has been going around the city targeting locally registered sex offenders.

SAPD has been receiving reports of this telephone scam in an effort to extort money. When the registered sex offender is contacted, the caller claims to be affiliated with the Tom Green County Sheriff’s Office or the San Angelo Police Department’s Sex Offender Registration Office. The caller then informs the registered sex offender they are non-compliant and have warrants which will result in an arrest if they fail to pay a specific fine.

The victims have been instructed to obtain iTunes, MoneyPak, or prepaid Visa cards with a specific dollar amount. Once the cards are obtained, the caller instructs the victim to provide the unique number on the back of the card(s).

Law Enforcement Agencies will NEVER contact registered sex offenders to pay fines or fees via these methods.

Local sex offenders who have been victimized are urged to contact the Department’s Sex Offender Registration Office at (325) 657-4248.