Lauded police chief arrested for alleged lewd behavior, 'official oppression'

Robert Cross was noted for fight against child porn

OLNEY, TX - Interim police chief of Olney, Texas, Robert Cross, known for his crackdown on child porn, has been arrested for alleged lewd actions. Cross won a medal of valor in his previous police department.

From a press release:

Olney city councilors accepted the resignation of interim police chief Robert Cross tonight after his arrest Wednesday for allegedly making lewd propositions to a woman in February.

Cross also served as the city's fire marshal.        

Texas Ranger Toby Catlin yesterday interviewed the woman who said she met and became friends with Cross.

She said she was having problems arranging residence for her common law husband who was about to be released from prison.

She said she needed Cross to confirm for parole officers the residence was not in a restricted  zone for sex offenders.

The ranger said the woman sent Cross a text asking him to verify the address and cross texted her he would take care of it if she would, quote, “belong to him” and he would have free use of her services.

The ranger said Cross also told her she would have to be his "chore slave," and he would need to see some photos of her private area.

The complaint states these actions constitute official oppression by a  law officer.

The booking sheet shows Cross was taken to jail by Young County Sheriff Travis Babcock and Cross posted bond this morning.

Cross was named interim chief to replace former chief Barry Roberts who was fired in October for alleged official misconduct.

In December, Cross received a medal of valor for his reported bravery in trying to save an elderly woman from a burning building while he worked at the Pelican Bay Police Department.   

Cross had been praised by residents for his efforts to stop child pornography and other crime in Olney. 

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