SAN ANGELO, Texas (Concho Valley Homepage) — Multiple witnesses including the victim’s brother and girlfriend took the stand on the third day of the State of Texas versus Jose Trevino.

Jose Trevino Jr., 40, who is also known as ‘Joe Angel’, was charged with aggravated assault causing serious bodily injury and the murder of Jason Garivay on June 19, 2021, after blunt force trauma caused Garivay to go into cardiac arrest and hypoxia. Hypoxia occurs when the brain is not being supplied with oxygen.

Alfredo Garivay, Jason’s brother, held back his emotions on the witness stand on March 7 as he told the courtroom about the actions he took and what he saw when he first came in contact with his brother on June 19.

After being told by Rita Chavarria and Roy Chavarria that Jason had been involved in a fight, both Alfredo and his wife went to meet them at Shannon Medical Center in downtown San Angelo.

Video surveillance from outside of the E.R. triage shows Alfredo and his wife pull up to the hospital at 12:34 a.m. and rush to the passenger side of a red Corvette. Alfredo’s voice began cracking as he told the jury he started to try and help his brother that was slouched in the car.

“He wasn’t breathing,” Alfredo said.

“He was dead.”

Alfredo also recalled seeing missing teeth from the right side of Jason’s mouth along with a laceration to his head that was causing blood to cover his face.

State prosecutors asked Alfredo if he knew the person that had gotten into a fight with his brother. He told the court that Roy had told him a guy named ‘Joe Angel’ was the one that attacked Jason. The defense questioned Alfredo on why he did not tell San Angelo police officers that were at Shannon who attacked Jason during that time.

“I was going to take action into my own hands,” Alfredo responded. “That is the honest truth.”

The state called Kendall Sanchez to the stand on Tuesday afternoon. Sanchez had been in a relationship with Jason since April.

When asked what happened that night by prosecutors, Sanchez told jurors that her, Jason, ‘Joe Angel’ and Gabriel Diggs went to The Penny Tap House around 8:40 p.m. on June 18. Jason and she took Jason’s red Corvette while Diggs and ‘Joe Angel’ were in Diggs’ black truck. Soon after their arrival, Roy and Rita showed up and joined the group. Sanchez told the court that she had met Roy and Rita a few weeks prior to that night but did not know ‘Joe Angel’ or Diggs.

Throughout the night Jason and ‘Joe Angel’ talked with each other but Sanchez recalled not being to hear what they were saying since they were close to each other. Video surveillance from inside Penny Tap House showed chatting, hugging, and other interactions that happened between Jason and ‘Joe Angel’.

Jurors watched as Sanchez placed herself in between the two men before everyone headed outside. Sanchez said she heard a voice say, “Let’s go outside,” as she tried to separate the men when asked what was happening on the video.

As Jason, ‘Joe Angel’, Roy and Rita proceeded outside, Sanchez followed. Once in the parking lot, Sanchez explained that she went to go get Jason’s car like Roy had told her to do. As Roy opened the passenger side door and Jason got into the vehicle, Sanchez heard footsteps running towards the vehicle. She reached for Jason’s shirt, telling him, “No babe,” to keep him in the car.

Sanchez described to the jury difficulty getting out of the driver’s side door since Jason had always opened the door for her. As she got out of the vehicle she saw ‘Joe Angel’ running away from the car to the truck. She recalled running in the same direction as him when she saw Jason laying on the right side of his body, unconscious and snoring near the rear tire of the Corvette. A voice that sounded like Roy’s, according to Sanchez, told someone to, “Get in the truck and go.” She told jurors that the voice sounded concerned and that they did not want ‘Joe Angel’ to get in trouble.

Sanchez continued by explaining that both Roy and Rita started trying to get Jason into the vehicle as she asked someone nearby to call 911. Once Roy and Rita got Jason in the vehicle, slouched over the seat, with his head rested against the center console and legs down in the floorboard, facing the back seat, she drove to the Shannon Medical Center downtown. Sanchez told the court that she drove quickly, running multiple red lights while talking to Jason and trying to get into contact with family members.

“I kept telling him I was sorry,” Sanchez said as her voice began cracking.

After turning onto Harris Avenue, Sanchez recalled not hearing Jason snoring anymore.

Video surveillance from outside of the Shannon E.R. triage showed a red Corvette driving up and parking at 12:31 a.m. on June 19, 2021. Multiple Shannon employees begin making their way to the vehicle along with Alfredo, Roy and Rita around 12:33 a.m., according to time stamps on video surveillance. As people were shuffling around the car, Sanchez told jurors that Rita had grabbed her face and told her, “You don’t know nothing. You didn’t see anything.”

Sanchez explained to the jury how scared she was while at the hospital, wanting to go home like she had been trying to get Jason to do since going out to The Penny Tap House that night.

Witness testimonies will continue on Thursday, March 9 in the 51st District Court in the Tom Green County Courthouse.