The June winners of our “That’s What I Like About Fridays” contest have been chosen! Thanks to Dairy Queen, these winners will get a $25 gift card to DQ to celebrate what makes their life sweet!

This contest will continue throughout the year. Winners will be chosen and announced on Concho Valley Live the first Friday of every month.

Learn more about the contest here.

Winning entries can be seen below:

Jerry Dalton says, “Back in 12/1998, my friend at work, decided I needed a girlfriend. That woman, Mary, became my wife in 2000. After she saw a mole on my ear, and after major surgery and treatments for Melanoma, Stage-4, in my Lymph Nodes, I was Blessed with her, a Medical Technologist, especially GOD and many doctors saved me and continue to do so, 21 years FREE and still kicking, just not as high. My wife is my Rock!”

Juley Zapata says, “What makes me happy is when I pick up my grandson and take him to eat ice cream and he kisses me on my cheek and says thank you Mimi that makes my life complete and he’s only two years old.”

Barbara Esquivel says, “My grandbaby, even though I only see her once a week seeing her is the best ever. Her kisses and her hugs warm my heart and make all my days better.”

Jay Carman says, “My life is sweet because I have retired within the last year. I’m currently 65 years of age and have worked since the age of 13. I lost my dad when I was 13 which is very young but he bestowed in me that nothing is free in life so you have to work for it. I have also lost my mother about 9 years ago and she taught me so much about life. I’m telling you this cause the above is bittersweet. I miss my parents every day but my life is sweet because of both of them.”

Juanita Olvera says, “We are so excited that we will be having another grandchild in July. We can’t wait to meet him.”