The winners of our first “That’s What I Like About Fridays” contest have been chosen! Thanks to Dairy Queen, these winners will get a $25 gift card to DQ to celebrate what makes their life sweet!

This contest will continue throughout the year. Winners will be chosen and announced on Concho Valley Live the first Friday of every month.

Learn more about the contest here.

Winning entries can be seen below:

Vicky Fisher says, “Fridays mean Sunday is a’comin” and I’ll get to worship at Glen Meadows Baptist Church!”

Melvin  Davis says, “Two new stray cats that needed saving from the coldest weather we had in Feb two years ago. Love them both!”

Jo Ann  Montez says, “The birth of my Son has made my life sweet and blessed.”

Giovanna “Gigi” Scott says, “My daughter has special needs but is super outgoing and loves to talk to everyone. She LOVES going to school and her teachers always comment on how kind she is to everyone. Once, her teacher told me my daughter was the only one to stop in her doorway each day and tell her how pretty she was- it made her cry. My daughter just wants to be liked back and included, and for the most part she is at her school; but it still surprised me when I got a call this morning telling me she was voted as Miss TLCA Jr. High for the 2021-2022 school year! Knowing my daughter made enough of an impact in others lives at her school show just how “special” she really is!!

Shirley Day says, “I had COVID and pneumonia in Aug 2021.  I spent 6 days in Shannon Hospital.  I can not say enough how much I appreciated the treatment I received from ALL the people involved in my care.  They were all exhausted but treated me with professionalism, kindness, patience and humor.  I have never in all my years been so sick and scared, but they kept me going.  They sang the Rocky theme song on the day I left.  My home health aftercare was just as good and supportive.  All of these professionals literally saved my life and thank you is just a small token of how much I appreciated their kindness and support.  They truly treated me, in a stressful situation, with love and kindness.”