Below are questions and answers provided by Howard College that are specific to this Virtual Reality program.

What is the grant that Shannon has received and how will it impact our community?

· With virtual reality technology, students in the San Angelo region will explore and prepare for careers in healthcare from a $468,403 grant from Greater Texas Foundation.

· Shannon Medical Center, Howard College, TRANSFR VR, Region 15, Concho Valley Workforce Development Board and local education agencies will collaborate to develop virtual reality programming for Shannon staff and for middle school and high school students interested in careers in healthcare.

· The program will also help Shannon staff and students pursuing healthcare credentials at Howard College to engage in practical, hands-on experience.

2. What role does Howard College play with Shannon in this virtual reality grant partnership?

· The virtual reality headsets will be a great recruiting tool to take to local and rural ISD’s.

· We want to provide an opportunity for students to explore and experience hands-on learning through virtual reality healthcare environments.

· By offering these immersive experiences, we hope to expose more students to healthcare professions and scenarios, which in turn will increase interest in the Health Professions field and result in more students registering for Health Professions’ programs upon high school graduation.

· Ultimately, we want to prove that by working together and using this cool tool with students, we will increase the numbers of Health Professions’ employees in our community.

· We also hope to increase student confidence by utilizing virtual reality as a safe space for practice, so when it is time to interact with patients, they feel ready and confident to serve!

3. Where can the public get more information?

Gladys Vallejo 325-747-8548

120 E. Harris Ave. San Angelo, Tx 76903.