SAN ANGELO, Texas- As the registration period for voting for the upcoming November election comes to an end, election officials in Tom Green County are getting prepared as early voting is just around the corner.

“We’re running like crazy getting equipment ready, paperwork ready, doing our training for our poll workers, and getting ready for early voting starting on the 24th,” said election administrator, Vona Hudson.

If you plan on being an early voter, there are 4 locations you can choose from this year.

“They will be observing the same hours we are at the elections office and of course that starts the 24th of October through November the 4th. We are going to be at MHMR, Westlake ACE hardware, the bus depot, and Riverside Golf Course,” said Hudson.

With currently 70,000 registered voters Hudson says voters should be sure to double-check their information on their registration as it could affect what they are allowed to vote for.

“If they’ve moved, they will want to make sure that their information is current because of the sanctuary city issue. If you are inside the city limits but not registered in the city limits you don’t get to vote for that,” added Hudson.

Those choosing the mail-in option should be sure aware of a few changes to the process after Senate Bill 1 was passed.

“When they send their application in they will need to provide their driver’s license or the last four digits of their social. We can also only have an individual ask for a ballot-by-mail application to be mailed to them and they are the only ones that can turn it in. The deadline for that is October 28th but I wouldn’t wait nearly that long,” said Hudson.

For more information on early polling locations, sample ballots, or frequently asked questions, you can visit