SAN ANGELO, Texas — Beware of ogres as you step into a land far, far away with the San Angelo Broadway Academy as they present Shrek the Musical at the Murphey Performance Hall beginning Friday, Nov. 18.

After about three months of rehearsing the Broadway show Shrek the Musical, the San Angelo Broadway Academy is ready to hit the stage with fairytale creatures from Red Riding Hood to Pinocchio and even a 20-foot dragon.

Mackenzie Sonnenberg and Jon Dirk Ross rehearsing their lines as Fiona and Shrek for the San Angelo Broadway Academy’s Shrek the Musical. CC Ashtin Wade.

Along with the fairytales, those that attend the show will get a laugh, a cry and everything in between. A few actors shared what the audience should expect from this production.

“I think the show is hilarious but at points, you know, you might cry cause it is sad as well,” said Jon Dirk Ross who is playing Shrek. “The big thing is a laugh. It is a fun show.”

Chloe Wilkes and Arick Brooks dancing to music from Shrek the Musical presented by the San Angelo Broadway Academy. CC Ashtin Wade.

“Expect Shrek but with a little bit more eccentric,” explained Mackenzie Sonnenberg, who plays Fiona.

Although some of these actors and actresses have been with the San Angelo Broadway Academy for a few years, Ross shared with Concho Valley Homepage staff that he joined the San Angelo Broadway Academy three months ago and landed the lead role as Shrek.

“I feel very lucky to have gotten this role as my first show ever, but I am also very excited,” Ross said. “Shrek is a fun character.”

All hands have been on deck as students of all ages have all been working hard to prepare for opening night on Friday, Nov. 18.

  • Two performers with the San Angelo Broadway Academy practicing a dance that is in San Angelo Broadway Academy's production of Shrek the Musical. CC Ashtin Wade
  • Four girls from the San Angelo Broadway Academy practicing a tap dance  that is in Shrek the Musical.CC Ashtin Wade

Sonnenberg explained that those in the musical began practicing twice a week in September. As Nov. 18 gets closer the amount of time the crew spends together rehearsing also grows. In the last two weeks of rehearsals, these students practiced every weekday for at least three hours. The week of the show the academy hits the stage to iron out the final details.

A group of kids scares Mackenzie Sonnenberg, Jon Dirk Ross and Giana Maras during a fight scene in Shrek the Musical. CC Ashtin Wade.

Besides those singing, dancing and acting on stage there is a whole side to productions that the audience does not see.

The stage crew moving Fiona’s castle during rehearsal. CC Ashtin Wade.

“There are so many different aspects of the show and a lot of people don’t really know and appreciate the tech crew for what they really do,” Brooks explained. “They are the backbone of the show.”

Brooks further explained that without a tech crew, stage managers, a light crew and props, the production would not reach the level that it is able to. With the help of students, parents and volunteers, the San Angelo Broadway Academy is able to present its shows to the best of its ability.

“Being able to work in a place like this, the Murphey, and have all these set pieces with us here just makes it feel so professional and nice,” Ross explained.

Brooks shared that the theatre has a spot for everyone. “If singing, acting and dancing is not your thing be a tech crew,” he said. “If you love painting and art you can paint one of the bajillion set pieces we have. If you like building you can build the set pieces. ”

Tickets for the musical are on sale at the San Angelo Performing Arts Center website and can be purchased at the door. Shows will be Friday, Nov. 18 at 7:30 p.m., Saturday, Nov. 19 at 2 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. and Sunday, Nov. 20 at 2 p.m.