Railway Museum of San Angelo raising awareness in observance of Railroad Safety Week


SAN ANGELO, Texas – In 2020, the top-ranked state for highway/railroad crossing collisions was Texas.

Texas ranked number one in the country with almost 200 collisions that ended in dozens of injuries and even killed some motorists last year.

The Railway Museum of San Angelo is working this “Railroad Safety Week” to get motorists to be more aware of the dangers of railway crossings.

The whole idea, whenever you see a track, think “Train”

“We actually discourage people from taking pictures on the live tracks, right there at the Railway Museum because trains are moving very fast. It takes them a mile or more for them to stop, so that’s 18 football fields. We want to make sure that people are being really cautious because if you don’t realize a train coming, we don’t want to lose our lives over a selfie or a photograph, so please make sure you stay off the train tracks when you’re taking photos,” Suzanna Valenzuela with the Railway Museum of San Angelo said.

Other than safety programs, sponsored by the Rail Museum of San Angelo, this week are for school bus drivers and police officers.

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