SAN ANGELO, Texas (Concho Valley Homepage) — A local gym hosted a weightlifting competition on Saturday, Oct. 28, to raise money for a San Angelo native who is fighting breast cancer.

The Benching for Boobies competition took place in The Bar Athletic Club Saturday morning. Unlike previous years, funds raised at the bench press competition were given to Lisa Rios, a San Angelo native with stage four breast cancer. This year, The Bar Athletic Club raised $1,700.

“We are fortunate that we were able to donate everything to a local woman rather than just a charity or organization,” owner of The Bar Athletic Club Tommy Janusz said.

Athletes at Benching for Boobies getting chalk and preparing their wraps for their next lift.

During the event, it was all smiles and positive energy as spectators and athletes in costumes packed the gym for the annual Benching for Boobies competition. Competitors of all ages and experience levels traveled from around the area to attempt lifting their weight three times while listening to cues to start, press and re-rack the weight.

A competitor dressed in a black Cobra Kia gi about to press the weight back up during an attempt at Benching for Boobies.

“Many people came and this was their first event they’ve ever done,” Janusz said when talking about this year’s athletes.

The owner of The Bar Athletic Club shared with Concho Valley Homepage staff what it means to have a space to host powerlifting competitions, raise awareness and provide financial support to those in need.

“It’s awesome,” Janusz said, “It’s rewarding!”

“People are doing stuff I mean there’s one awareness but we’re not just going to do awareness we’re actually giving somebody money to pay their bills and pay their medical bills so they’re able to live more comfortably while they’re getting treatments,” he explained.

The next powerlifting meet The Bar Athletic Club is going to host will take place on Jan. 20. Big Horn Bash is an annual USAPL event that raises money for Angelo State University students who are a part of The Bar Athletic Club. Click here for more information or to register.