SAN ANGELO, Texas (Concho Valley Homepage) — Goodfellow Air Force Base has a long history in San Angelo and now you can learn more about the base, and its missions through the years, in a display at San Angelo’s Visitors Center.

A ribbon cutting was held on Friday, June 9 for a new exhibit sharing the history of Goodfellow with the San Angelo Chamber of Commerce Concho Cadre and members of the base.

It started as “Goodfellow Field” which was a flight training base in the 1940s. Goodfellow is now a U.S. Air Force training base for intelligence and reconnaissance and a fire-training base for all members of the armed forces.

On June 9, the Goodfellow 17th Training Wing Commander talked about the partnership between the base and the Chamber of Commerce.

“I think this case right at the front of the Chamber of Commerce is a great representation of that close relationship between the city and community in San Angelo and Goodfellow Air Force Base and all of our joint service members and it really showcases the history of the base,” said 17th Training Wing Commander Matthew Reilman. “From the middle when we were preparing pilots for world war two to the bottom when we transitioned to that intelligence mission during Vietnam and then at the top where the last 30 years of the 17th Training Wings, where we transitioned to airforce joint intelligence and all of the department of defense firefighters.”