SAN ANGELO, Texas — Tickets are on sale now for this year’s Fort Concho After Dark where participants will learn about Fort Conchos’ haunted past!

The event will take participants on a walk through the grounds while Fort Concho guides tell the tragic tale behind the death of Edith Grierson, the story of Annetta Bishop, the Merriam family, and many more!

On the nights of October 14 and October 22 the night tours will begin at 8 p.m. until 10 p.m. and several of Fort Concho buildings will be open to recount the stories of people who lived and died at the site. Fort Concho staff will also share personal encounters with the “inhabitants”.

There will be paranormal investigations in Officer’s Quarters 1, Hospital, and a few others as well.


  • $10 – General public
  • $8 – Fort Concho members

Spaces are limited, you can grab your tickets in the Barracks 1 Sutler Store at 630 S. Oakes. Or you can call us and purchase them over the phone using a Visa/Mastercard. The tickets will be held for you until the day of the event.

Please note Fort Concho is not selling tickets online, beware of ticket scammers. It is required to have a physical ticket to take the tour.

CC Fort Concho Flyer