SAN ANGELO, Texas — San Angelo celebrated its third annual Día De Los Muertos festival on the banks of the Concho River today, October 29, 2022, with a Catrina contest and many more festivities.

La Catrina or Lady of Death’s modern image first began in the 1900s according to National Geographic, with Mexican illustrator Jose Guadalupe Posada. Posada created cartoonish lithographs and engravings to illustrate political and societal issues and his figures regardless of occupation or status were represented with skulls for faces.

The original sketch of, ‘Calavera Catrina’ was made around 1910 as a reference to Porfirio Díaz, whose corruption led to the Mexican Revolution of 1911, and the toppling of his regime. The image was later turned into a mural by Diego Rivera and forever cemented La Catrina’s image in history.

Today’s celebration of Día De Los Muertos La Catrina can be seen depicted through all festivities, in sugar skulls, makeup and dress and so much more. She represents the idea that everyone will die and be equal in the end.