SAN ANGELO, Texas — The 40th Annual Santa’s Market put on by Goodfellow Airforce Base is tomorrow from 10 am-5 pm and held at the Fire Academy High Bay. The event has not been held in the last two years due to COVID but is making its comeback.

Arts and Crafts Director Beverly Wildes says, “It started out as a way for our airmen to do some Christmas shopping with vendors because they come here to students and they might not have a vehicle where they can go shopping downtown. So this offered them a way to do that.”

Entrance to the event will be at the 2nd gate off South Chadbourne and it is open to the public. Wildes says, “this is the one time a year that we allow the community come on base so they can come out shop with our vendors. See what we do here they can see the fire trucks and then Santa is going to be here at one o’clock he’ll be riding in on a fire truck.”

The Airforce base does not allow weapons of any kind on the base. To see a full list of what is not allowed and to learn more about the event and directions, check here.