SAN ANGELO, Texas — Parks and Recreation Director Carl White presented an update and clarification of the Buffalo Soldier Memorial project to the City Council on January 17, 2023, where a few issues were raised by the City Council.

The Buffalo Soldiers Memorial broke ground in December 2022 in honor of the black soldiers who helped to settle the west and protect their communities. The area approved for this project is at the El Paseo de Santa Angela and a secondary, adjacent area on Oakes Street for landscaping.

Both images above were presented to the council on January 17, however, the Aerial 3D view of the Buffalo Soldier Memorial mock-up was the first time the City Council had seen the image.

Mayor Brenda Gunter said, “Do you see what a problem it is that today we’re presenting this which is so different than what we approved originally.”

In response, the Assistant City Manager, Rick Weise, clarified what was originally presented included just the plans for the memorial along the Paseo adding that what was not included was the connection design (which was added for clarification) in the presentation on January 17, 2023.

“I’m just concerned that we didn’t have a more thorough presentation and conversation when it was originally presented,” said Mayor Gunter. “We as a Council have had many conversations over that piece of property that fronts the Cabinet shop.”

Another issue raised by Mayor Gunter included a proposed 7-foot fence to be put up between the memorial and the structure behind it to hide the buttresses required for the building’s structural integrity. It was clarified by Weise that the fence was intended to be able to come down if something needed to be done with the property behind it.

The Council asked that the project move forward, taking notes of what was discussed during the presentation. At this time, the funding for the project has been secured to move forward and the permitting process will begin.