Art show at Fort Concho through August


American Plains summer showcase

SAN ANGELO, TX – The American Plains Artists Special Summer Show can now be seen through August 4, 2019 at Fort Concho barracks building six.

This years showcase features fifty pieces by five artists specializing in western and historically themed art. Those five artists are the winners of last years art show.

Some paintings from this show are for sale and benefit both the artists and the museum.

Museum Guide William Ricard spoke briefly about the great cycle of art that Fort Concho can look forward to in the coming years. “Anyone from the American Plains Artists Association will be able to enter the show that is upcoming next year,” Ricard explained. “So they’ll be able to be going through and five more people will be picked from that and it just continually cycles things. So, we always have new artists and new works. It’ really cool.”

For more information on this and upcoming Fort Concho goings on, visit their website.

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