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New Research Challenges the Success of Government Accountability Efforts to Save Lives Lost in School Shootings

Author Luis Aponte

Author Luis Aponte

Important school shooting findings are offered in the December issue of EDUCATION, a peer-reviewed journal by Project Innovation Austin, LLC.

CENTREVILLE, VIRGINIA, UNITED STATES, January 24, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ -- “Reviewing and Updating the Documented Historical Reports on School Shootings: New Strategies to Help Save Lives on Campuses” is a new published study that identifies 1,204 known gun violence incidents that occurred on or were directed toward a U.S. school from January 1, 1990 – January 1, 2020. The author, Luis Aponte, an Information Services Librarian, examines many commonly accepted conclusions about school shootings; underage and illegal gun access; how schools are protected daily; and how communities and law enforcement can develop better solutions to contain the juvenile/social patterns that produce school gun violence.

His conclusions challenge the past reports on school gun violence by the FBI, Secret Service, U.S. Department of Education, and the U.S. Government Accountability Office due to their conflicting definitions that do not include accidental shootings, suicides, drive-by shootings, stray bullets, gun violence at school-sponsored athletic and extra-curricular events before and after traditional school hours while students and staff are still present. An updated definition of a school shooting is clearly needed.

Mr. Aponte reviewed 3,759 public resources, including FBI and U.S. House of Representatives reports; police and court records; newspapers and website articles; nonprofits and subscription-based news databases, and public library-based databases. His important findings are offered in the December issue of EDUCATION, an education journal published continually for more than 142 years.

About the Author:
Luis Aponte is an Information Services Librarian for the Fairfax County Public Library System in Virginia. He is the author of two upcoming books, A Safe Place: Imagining Schools Without Gun Violence and The Ultimate U.S. School Shooting Reference Guide.

Visit www.ASafePlaceBook.com and www.LuisTheLibrarian.com to learn more about the author and his important research.

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