Honoring Black History: Focus on African American leaders in San Angelo (Part Two)

Black History Month

Sutton says there’s no greater reward in the education field than to be one that looks out for others

SAN ANGELO, Texas – When you think of Black History Month, you think of the countless names mentioned in the history books or by word of mouth. Not only are there endless African American public figures to admire, but also everyday people. Lone Star Middle School assistant principal LaTonia Sutton is a prime example as she continues to impact students.

“I have a full campus, and I can help those kids and support them through any type of crisis,” Sutton said. “I thoroughly love encouraging students to strive for excellence. Sometimes it gets on their nerves a little bit, but I do all that I can to help them get through the challenging situations that they have to face.”

Sutton started off as a classroom teacher for over 7 years, which eventually led her to pursuing administrative positions. She has always looked up to American poet Maya Angelou for daily motivation. 

“There are words like none other,” Sutton stated. “So even in my signature page I use one of her quotes in my email signature. It says do the best you can, until you know better, and when you know better, do better. And so I share that with students.”

Sutton says there’s no greater reward in the education field than to be one that looks out for others. For the past five years, she has lived by that statement through her actions and she hopes to continue this trend for the rest of her days.

“I still have relationships with quite a few of my students in the past and I just want to continue to encourage those past and present and those that I meet,” Sutton expressed. “I’m wanting to encourage them to continue to be their best, continue to strive for success, take responsibility for your actions and don’t be afraid to tell the truth.”

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