Visit Big Bend: Fossil Discovery Exhibit at Big Bend National Park

Big Bend

BIG BEND NATIONAL PARK – Big Bend National Park. A staple on any visit way out west because well, there’s so much to see. 

Like the Fossil Discovery Exhibit. It’s located eight miles north of Panther Junction. You can get there by using the permission Gap Entrance Road on Highway 385.

It’s fully ADA compliant so all visitors can take a trip through Big Bend’s geologic history over the past 130 million years.

Some exhibits also keep those with visual impairments in mind. There is a shaded picnic area and climbing structures for children. This exhibit will leave you just waiting for a prehistoric creature to come over the mountains 

There are also plenty of stops along the roadside throughout the park. These range from ground level to sky high views complete with information boards about what you’re seeing. Plus there are tons of trails along the way that you can take to make your own discoveries. 

But if you just want to take in the views, there are plenty and you won’t be alone. June Walosze from Alabama paused at one of theses stops. Here with her husband, a combat veteran and retired police officer, she says they enjoy coming to Big Bend National Park this time of year and because the park is so large.

While he went hiking she stayed behind to draw, hobby where her interests are reflected on the pages in her sketch pad filled with natural wonders.

Whether you draw, take photos, or just stand and stare, there is plenty of scenery to soak in.

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