Mitsubishi no longer sells minivans in the U.S., but the Delica is still part of its Japanese-market lineup. At the 2023 Tokyo auto show, Mitsubishi presented a concept car reimagining the Delica as a more rugged plug-in hybrid.

Called the D:X, the concept has exterior styling features that hint at off-roading, including prominent fender flares and side steps that fold into the body sides. The front and rear bumpers are also fairly prominent for a minivan, but look like they won’t interfere with approach and departure angles too much.

Mitsubishi D:X conceptMitsubishi D:X concept

The interior has leather-upholstered seats that can rotate and move up and down, as well as a transparent hood feature that shows what’s directly in front of the vehicle. Other tech features include an AI-based voice assistant and a Yamaha audio system that Mitsubishi says achieves a 3D-sound effect by placing speakers in the seat headrests and other strategic locations.

Few details were provided on the powertrain, but Mitsubishi confirmed a plug-in hybrid system connected to all-wheel drive and the automaker’s Super All-Wheel Control (S-AWC vehicle dynamics system). It’s unlikely that Mitsubishi will bring minivans back to the U.S., but the automaker currently offers a similar mechanical package in the Outlander Plug-In Hybrid crossover.

Mitsubishi D:X conceptMitsubishi D:X concept

Mitsubishi also used the Tokyo show to unveil a prototype of the redesigned Triton (L200) mid-size pickup truck sold overseas. That model is also unlikely to reach the U.S. Mitsubishi earlier this year confirmed an electric pickup, which could be developed alongside an electric pickup from alliance partner Nissan that that automaker is investigating for the U.S.

The pickup is one of multiple EVs in development at Mitsubishi. The automaker plans to launch 16 vehicles globally over the next five years, including nine electrified models encompassing EVs, hybrids, and plug-in hybrids.

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