Brittany Lawrence

Brittany Lawrence, Weekend Meterologist KSAN-TV

Brittany Lawrence was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Brittany always knew she wanted to be a meteorologist, becoming fascinated with the weather from an early age.

“Twister” was the first movie to inspire Brittany to be a meteorologist. She used her pastime to watch the Weather Channel and Accuweather.

Accompanied with a passion for art, Brittany attended the University of Louisiana at Monroe to achieve her dream of being a weather forecaster and a graphic designer. On December 8, 2018 , her dreams were realized and she received her bachelors in atmospheric science and minor in graphic design.

Brittany has first-hand experienced weather phenomenons her whole life. On August 28, 2005, Brittany’s life changed forever when she and her family were impacted by Hurricane Katrina. At that moment, Brittany knew that she wanted to help others become weather-aware and teach others how life-changing serious weather events could be.

Being from New Orleans, she encountered hurricanes growing up, which lead to her wanting to help those who encounter any severe weather events. Brittany joined the KSAN team on August 3, 2020 and she looks forward to the journey ahead. She is determined to learn all she can about San Angelo and finally achieve her lifetime goal.

Some of her hobbies outside of weather include: drawing, cooking, shopping, designing graphics, working out, and playing basketball.

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