Woman needs help finding lost dog that was photographed in San Angelo

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Jessica Simpson of Lubbock, Texas is looking for her lost dog named “Luckie”.

Simpson says that she adopted the dog at an adoption event back in March of 2010. She says that she spent hours training the dog in agility while she was in grad school.

Simpson claims the dog went missing from Lubbock, Texas in July of 2016.

Back in March of 2019 the dog was photographed in San Angelo, Texas. Simpson says that the dog in the photo is her Luckie based upon the physical traits of the dog.

Physical traits of the dog include: brindle on her cheek, pink flecks in her nose, a black smudge on the left of her nose and the shape of her silly lounge.

The people who photographed the dog earlier this year, were not able to keep her.

Simpson says the dog is microchipped and she is offering a reward of $1,000 to anyone who can return the dog to her.

You can find more information about Luckie and contact Simpson on Help Get Me Home and on Pawboost.

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