KSAN Storm Team Daily Forecast Update - Thursday November 9, 2017

KSAN Storm Team Daily Forecast Update - Thursday November 9, 2017


Thursday started off foggy across the Concho Valley, and there's a chance Friday will start off the same way. Temperatures only climbed up into the upper 50s in San Angelo, after starting off in the 30s. We won't be as cold for Friday morning though, thanks to an increase in moisture and the fog, temperatures will only start out in the 40s. 

Winds will flip around to the south on Friday, ushering in more moisture and slightly warmer air. Those winds will have more of a southwesterly component for Veterans day, pushing our high temperatures into the 70s ahead of a cold front that arrives Sunday. 

Sunday's cold front won't bring a ton of cold air like the last one, as it is more of a pacific cold front. What it will do is provide enough instability to squeeze out some showers Sunday and Monday. Behind that front, drier air will kick in clearing out our skies and warming us into the upper 70s and lower 80s for most of the new week. Our next strong front will arrive next Friday.

NOAA has announced that we are in a La Niña phase, which usually leads to a warmer and drier winter locally in the Concho Valley. That doesn't mean its gonna be warm all winter, as we will still have our share of cold snaps, and could still see ice or snow, but it does mean that these cold snaps will be shorter lived. Stay tuned.

Make it a great Friday! 

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