KSAN Storm Team Daily Forecast Update -- Sunday, November 12, 2017

KSAN Storm Team Daily Forecast Update -- Sunday, November 12, 2017

San Angelo, TX - -- From your KSAN Storm Team Meteorologist Scott Barry -- High pressure over Iowa & Missouri late this Sunday night will gently slide Eastward in to Indiana and Ohio by Monday evening. This high was responsible for pushing a weak cold front barely just past our area today, but the much colder air remains farther north, and does not appear it will be reaching us. The reason is because the high pressure area will be heading Eastward, while a lee trough, or low pressure will be developing across the foothills of the western high plains states. Because of this low pressure, this will turn winds around to the south tomorrow afternoon on Monday, allowing the milder air to once again return north-bound, which hasn't been pushed that far south by this weak cold front. Cloudy skies will abound across our region, as we have a cool, shallow layer still being over-ridden by a warmer inversion above the surface, by southerly winds several thousand feet above the surface. This warmer layer above the surface traps the clouds below, not allowing them to mix-out, giving pesky cloudiness all day and all night long, until we get sufficiently warmer at the surface, which I don't see happening anytime soon until late Tuesday afternoon, where we may see some peeks of sunshine. Tonight's lows look to reach the mid 50s, with Monday's high in the upper 60s.

By Tuesday afternoon, deepening low pressure centered over the vicinity of Northeast New Mexico, northwest Texas and Oklahoma panhandles, will accelerate our southwesterly wind flow to 10-15 mph, pulling our temperatures upward in to the mid 70s. This low pressure area will sink southeastward across the Texas panhandle overnight Tuesday night, keeping winds up with a mild Tuesday night with temperatures around 60. Tuesday night, the next cold front will advance southeastward through the Central Plains states reaching the Southern Plains states by Wednesday morning, being propelled by high pressure, nosing southward across the Northern Plains states. Just like this past weak cold front, it looks like high pressure deflates and gives up, before thrusting much of the cold air southward.  What's happening is the high pressure only pushes about half-way through the country, then slides East towards the upper midwest, not following through with punching the coldest air south in to San Angelo. So we'll see another modified, weak cold front late Wednesday, whose effects will only be felt one night before warming right back up Thursday and Friday. 

Scott Barry

KSAN Storm Team Meteorologist

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