KLST Tues. 08/26/14 Noon Weather


Another warm day throughout the area as high pressure stays within the region. Expect to see mostly sunny skies with highs back to around 98 degrees and east winds 5 to 10 miles per hour. While the high stays but San Angelo and the Concho Valley is getting squished between two areas of low pressure. That will be enough to bring some changes for the rest of the week. Going into the evening low should drop back to around the low to mid 70's with partly cloudy skies and calm winds. By wednesday we'll see extra moisture in the form of some clouds and a slight cool down. The first area of low pressure could also bring some scattered showers to our southeastern counties. Thursday will bring another round of potential showers right now standing at 20% with mostly sunny skies and temperatures around 96 degrees. Thursday night into friday will be our best chance, but know that rain totals may be light with this whole system. Rain chances linger through saturday but dry out and warm back into the upper 90's by labor day.

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