KLST Tues. 08/05/14 Noon Weather


Warmer this morning as high pressure continues to build into the region. This has taken our temperatures from below average to more seasonal for today. Expecting to see mostly sunny skies with highs near 96 degrees and southeast winds 5 to 10 miles per hour. "Seasonal" for this time is 76 for a high and 72 for a low. That's exactly where we expect to dip down to into the evening hours with partly cloudy skies and steady winds. Through the rest of the week conditions will slowly warm up flirting with the triple digit mark Thursday, near 99 degrees with mostly sunny skies. Into the weekend looks to be spared the extreme heat in the area. Right now conditions stay right in the upper 90 degrees range. Near 98 for Friday, dropping a degree each day towards next Monday at 95.

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